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          No one thinks about serving                homeless children age 0 to 5.          We do.

The need for early childhood programs for children ages 0-5 is pronounced. 


  • Homeless children demonstrate significant developmental delays after just 18 months of age.

  • By age three, they have heard 32 million fewer words than their peers.

  • As many as 80% of children in homeless shelters do not read at level (a statistic that is particularly troubling given 66% of students who don’t read proficiently by 4th grade end up in jail or on welfare).

Inspirica’s Early Childhood and Parenting Program (ECPP) works to prevent these outcomes before they happen.

Innovative in design, we provide crucial early childhood development for infants/toddlers (ages 0-3), pre-literacy programs for pre-K children (ages 4-5), and essential parenting skills classes for their parents.  

Children participate in verbal and written activities, movement games, exploration, music, art, science, stories and songs -- all designed to promote school-readiness.

At the same time their children are learning, our parents are also learning. Our parenting program includes classes on socialization, communication, boundaries, behavior/discipline, nutrition, reading, writing, child development, and advocating for their children.

Rather than re-create the wheel, we collaborate with two great partners when it comes to early childhood and parenting: Children's Learning Centers of Fairfield County and Saint Joseph Parenting Center. Our unique approach allows us to tap their rich expertise and curricula.

Our Early Childhood & Parenting Program is an exciting two-generation, side-by-side approach to breaking the cycle of homelessness.  

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