Breaking the cycle of homelessness means never coming back

Getting a job or finding a home is difficult.                        Holding onto either one can be even more challenging. 

To make sure we break the cycle of homelessness, we do something unusual: we continue to work with our clients long after they get a job and leave us.  

Our Retention Specialists work side-by-side clients who are working or living independently to identify and assess risk factors before they become full-blown crises.  

When we identify an issue we act on it quickly, including connecting clients to essential services, contacting employers or landlords to advocate on their behalf, and much more -- all before they lose their jobs or homes. We help with everything from work schedules and child care to transportation and higher-than-expected utilitity bills.

Our investment in job and housing retention is unusual and it works... 

  • 80% of the clients we place in permanent housing remain housed (and paying rent) 12 months later