Leslie Griesbach Schultz

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Having a place to call home is a fundamental need for all people. None of us can rest easy while there are people in our communities without shelter. As Ram Dass said, ‘We’re all just walking each other home’
— Leslie Schultz

Leslie Griesbach Schultz has been working with non-profit organizations and their senior management teams for more than 30 years. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Leslie practiced law for 20 years, representing health care providers, public transportation agencies, and other mission-based organizations.  Throughout her career, she has worked extensively to develop and guide  new partnerships among non-profits, designed to create innovative models of care, service and mutual support. In 2005, Leslie left her law partnership at the law firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips, to become President of BRIC, a leading New York City arts and independent media non-profit. While at BRIC, Leslie led a successful effort to develop a 40,000 square-foot interdisciplinary arts and media venue, raise the profile and impact of BRIC’s work, and ensure that BRIC most effectively achieved its mission to make cultural programs free and accessible on a large scale and to meaningfully support Brooklyn artists and media-makers. Leslie grew up in Fairfield County and now lives in Brooklyn NY.

Rian Drenzek


Resiliency paired with the resources to fight for a better tomorrow are key to breaking the cycle of homelessness
— Rian Drenzek

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AnaVivian Estrella


We can all change, not always all at once, but more often little by little.
We offer opportunity and choices to everyone who walks in our doors, giving me hope that we can create growth for everyone who then walks out.
— AnaVivian Estrella

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Cyndy Goldberg


The more we give of ourselves, the more of ourselves we have to give.
— Cyndy Goldberg

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Alan Weyl

             CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER           

ALAN 2.jpg
For those that have fallen into dire circumstances and homelessness, I believe that by helping them find housing and employment, we can provide a foundation for them to rebuild their lives.
— Alan Weyl

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Steven Wolfe


I have always been interested in giving back to the community, and I feel extremely fortunate to work for an organization which has done so much to provide employment opportunities and reduce homelessness in the area.
— Steven Wolfe

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Jason T. Shaplen


It is a basic tenet of humanity: great nations are defined not by how far the top of society has reached, but how far the bottom has.  We can never live up to our potential as a nation, as citizens and as individuals until we end homelessness.
— Jason Shaplen

Board of Directors

bruce heller – Chair

Claude Bernstein - Jane Carlin -

Norman Cole - Scott Davis - Carmen Domonkos -

Marianne Drost - Anthony Gaglio, Jr. - Larry L. Gilmore

Larry Goldberg - Mary Grande - Steve Hoover

Mandeep Johar - Len Larrabee - Wendy Lewis  

Kay Maxwell - Pat Mendelsohn - Stephen Napier

Gary Neems - Randall Skigen - Reda Supe

Advisory Council

William Avery - Donna Christensen - Nancy Gramps

 Kim Henderson - Dave Hunt - Marcia Meinerth

Bob Mendelsohn - Jim Metzger - Cathy Ostuw

Lud Spinelli - Rabbi Jay TelRav

The Rev. Dr. Jim Wheeler