Bruce Heller


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Bruce Heller is the chair of Inspirica, Inc.’s board of directors and currently serves as Inspirica’s acting CEO. He is the President of Connecticut Film Center Studios and Managing Partner of CFC Capital Holdings, LLC, an investment firm with three areas of focus; specialty finance, commercial real estate, and entertainment/digital media.

In specialty finance, CFC is a leading supplier of tax incentive based financing throughout the United States. Over the past five years CFC has financed over $700 million in film and digital media tax credits, as well as urban reinvestment, historic, low-income housing, and brownfield tax incentives.

In addition to early-stage digital media companies, CFC’s entertainment investing has been focused on Connecticut Film Center, the leading Connecticut provider of production services and facilities for the entertainment industry, responsible for bringing $800 million of motion picture and television production into Connecticut.

CFC’s real estate holdings include over 1.3 million sqft of commercial space, primarily catering to sports and entertainment, including the world headquarters for NBC Sports Network and Chelsea Piers Connecticut.

Before joining CFC, Bruce was partnered with Academy Award winning actor/director Billy Bob Thornton at Meathouse Productions in the Los Angeles offices of Miramax Films.

Rian Drenzek


Resiliency paired with the resources to fight for a better tomorrow are key to breaking the cycle of homelessness
— Rian Drenzek

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AnaVivian Estrella


We can all change, not always all at once, but more often little by little.
We offer opportunity and choices to everyone who walks in our doors, giving me hope that we can create growth for everyone who then walks out.
— AnaVivian Estrella

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Cyndy Goldberg


The more we give of ourselves, the more of ourselves we have to give.
— Cyndy Goldberg

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Alan Weyl

             CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER           

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For those that have fallen into dire circumstances and homelessness, I believe that by helping them find housing and employment, we can provide a foundation for them to rebuild their lives.
— Alan Weyl

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Steven Wolfe


I have always been interested in giving back to the community, and I feel extremely fortunate to work for an organization which has done so much to provide employment opportunities and reduce homelessness in the area.
— Steven Wolfe

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Jason T. Shaplen


It is a basic tenet of humanity: great nations are defined not by how far the top of society has reached, but how far the bottom has.  We can never live up to our potential as a nation, as citizens and as individuals until we end homelessness.
— Jason Shaplen

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bruce heller – Chair

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