Our Programs

As one of the largest providers of services to the homeless in Connecticut and by far the largest in Fairfield County, Inspirica is essential to responding to the surge in homelessness. 

We are one of only a handful of organizations in the nation able to address the physical aspect of homelessness (residential services) and its underlying root causes (support services) on a single, powerful end-to-end platform. Our programs are fully integrated and leverage each other. 


Our residential services cover the spectrum of housing: emergency shelters; transitional housing; permanent supportive housing; deeply affordable housing; and, rapid rehousing.



Our in-house support services are extensive and allow us to break the cycle of homelessness.  They include: 

  • Jumpstart Career Program

    • Jumpstart Vocational Training

    • Jumpstart Education

    • Jumpstart Employment Services

  • Children’s Services

  • Early Childhood & Parenting

  • Housing Placement

  • Job & Housing Retention

  • Healthcare (in partnership with Optimus)

Please see below for further details on each.


  • Vocational Training

  • Education

  • Employment

Our Jumpstart Career Program provides clients with the core skills they need to prepare for, find, maintain, and advance in employment. Participants develop critical life and work skills that allow them to secure employment and earn the income they need to exit homelessness and maintain healthy, stable lives in the community.
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Children are the most effective way to break the cycle of homelessness.  

Our Children’s Services Program provides critical foundational, educational, psychological, developmental, and after-school support to the children in our care. This comprehensive approach allows them to maintain stability, gain self-esteem, excel in school, and develop in line with or ahead of their peers who are not homeless.  

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Our new Early Childhood and Parenting Program (ECPP) launched in 2016 and addresses the needs of our youngest, most vulnerable residents (ages 0-5) to provide pre-literacy and school-readiness programming with concurrent education for their parents.

Click here to learn more about our Early Childhood & Parenting Program.


Our Housing Placement program is a unique combination of real estate professional and social services provider.

Experienced professionals help clients navigate every step of the process to secure permanent housing including: identifying, locating, and inspecting housing; reviewing contracts/leases; and, moving in. They also help clients take that final emotional step to moving out on their own again. 


Getting a job and housing is only the first step to breaking the cycle of homelessness.  Staying employed and housed is the next.  

Our Job & Housing Retention program maintains contact with individuals and families who have recently become employed or moved into permanent housing.

They help clients solve problems and obtain additional services when needed. Without this support, many would lose their jobs or homes, and return to homelessness.
Click here to learn more about our Job & Housing Retention Services program.


In addtion to all the above, we also provide our clients with counseling, case management and much more.  

When necessary, we further provide them with direct access to medical and dental care, in-patient substance abuse treatment, psychiatric care through our network of strategic partnerships.

Our Mission

To break the cycle of homelessness by helping people achieve- and maintain - permanent housing and stability in their lives.