The dignity of independence with      the support people need

Many of the people we serve suffer from disabilities (physical and mental) that make living independently in the community impossible without significant support. Permanent Supportive Housing is the answer.  

Rents for tenants are affordable (30% of a person's income whatever it may be) and substantive "wrap around" support services are provided on site. For people with significant barriers, permanent supportive housing is the only option for exiting homelessness.

We operate five permanent housing facilities:

  • Atlantic Park Apartments -- 27 studio apartments
  • Colony Apartments -- 29 studio apartments
  • Metcalf House -- 10 single residency apartments 
  • Rose Park Apartments -- 3 two-bedroom apartments
  • McKinney House -- 15 single residency apartments
  • Summer Place -- 24 studios and one-bedroom apartments

In addition to receiving housing and case management services on site, all participants in our permanent supportive housing have access to comprehensive support services including vocational training, workforce education, job placement, housing placement, job & housing retention support, counseling, case management and much more. Access to medical care, dental care, mental health care, substance abuse treatment etc. are provided through a network of formal partnerships.