Inspirica is the largest provider of services to the homeless in lower Fairfield County. Each night we house approximately 350 people (850 per year, including 250 children). We operate 11 facilities in Stamford and provide an extensive array of support services including: vocational training (home health aide certification); workforce education; job placement; housing placement; job & housing retention support; early childhood & parenting services; children's services (including an after-school program); health care; counseling; case management; and, much more. We further provide direct access to mental health care, psychiatric care, dental care, substance abuse treatment, etc. through a network of strategic partnerships. We are one of only a few organizations nationally that has combined residential and support services under one roof in a “one-stop-shop setting.” Our ability to address both the physical aspect of homelessness and it underlying root causes on a single, powerful, end-to-end platform eliminates gaps in services, allows programs to leverage each other, and exponentially increases our clients’ success rates.

Inspirica’s mission is to break the cycle of homelessness by helping people achieve – and maintain - permanent housing and stability in their lives. 


The Program Director of Job & Housing Retention leads a three-four person team that has two major goals:

  1. To provide participants who have been placed into permanent housing with retention support services that allow them to maintain their housing. 
  2. To provide participants who have been placed into jobs by Inspirica’s employment program with retention support services that allow to maintain their employment.

The Job & Housing Retention Program engages each participant upon securing employment and/or housing and provides follow-up services in a methodical manner.  This includes serving as a resource for personal counseling and/or as a referral to other services as needs arise.  Staff members proactively look for signs of instability in the workplace or home and then employ internal and/or external resources to provide support to ensure the issues are addressed before they rise to the level of problems that jeopardize employment or housing.

The program has four distinct programs within it:

  • Community Support Program (CSP) – for clients who suffer from mental illness or addiction
  • Connecticut Rapid Rehousing (CT RRH) – for clients who receive a limited rental subsidy through the CT Rapid Rehousing Program
  • Inspirica Rapid Rehousing (Inspirica RRH) – for clients who receive a limited rental subsidy through HUD (via CT Department of Housing)
  • General Job & Housing Retention – for clients who are placed in jobs and housing, but are not part of the above programs.

The Director of Job & Housing Retention oversees all four programs, including staff within each program.  He/She further ensures compliance with all standards and requirements for each program and/or funding source.


The Program Director of Retention will report directly to the Inspirica Chief Program Officer. Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Management of the Community Support Program (CSP), CT Rapid Rehousing Program and Inspirica Rapid Rehousing Program and General Job & Housing Retention Program – including staffing, scheduling, record keeping and responding to emergency situations.
  •  Supervision of all program staff, including weekly meetings with team members.
  • Adherence to all program/funder standards and criteria.
  • Adherence to Inspirica and contract policies and procedures.
  • Preparation of program reports (including Retention Report) and documentation of client progress.
  • Working with retention clients to ensure their homes are in compliance with health, safety and fire codes.
  • Maintaining close contact with case management staff, identifying participants who are soon making the move to employment and/or permanent housing.
  • Assisting participants with transition to employment and/or independent living.
  • Upon starting work or entering independent housing, ensuring that staff members follow up regularly with families and individuals, via telephone and face-to-face meetings, to identify potential areas of instability such as, but not limited to work-related issues, savings status, medical health, mental health, substance abuse issues, etc.
  • Liaising with Inspirica external partners, including referring clients to services and participating in collaborative treatment team meetings.
  • Coordination of services with other Inspirica programs, including residential and support services programs.
  • Leading meetings with staff and participants directed toward communicating the role of retention and its benefit to families and individuals who will be moving into employment and/or housing.
  • Maintaining a personal caseload of Rapid Rehousing participants, including all case management functions (weekly counseling sessions, preparing progress notes, service plans, incident reports, log books, etc.)
  • Obtaining training to become a SOAR representative who will coordinate with our residential case managers for referrals. These duties include:
    • File initial SSA/DSS applications and/or appeals on behalf of clients, conduct additional interviews with clients, gathering medical records, writing SOAR Medical Summary Reports, and obtaining other evidence for the claim.

Candidates should have: a BA degree or higher (MSW or LCSW preferred), three years of experience working the homeless population, five years of management experience, a background in housing or real estate, excellent organizational/statistical skills, strong computer stills (especially Excel), and a valid driver’s license.  Candidates must further be proven “self starters” who are capable of building a program and meeting specific numerical targets/goals. Experience with HMIS & DDaP a plus.  

Candidates should submit resume, cover letter, and writing sample, in WORD FORMAT,       by e-mail to:

Inspirica is an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to a policy of non-discrimination in employment on any basis including age, disability, race, religion, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, the presence of a non-job related handicap, or any other legally protected status.