Wish Card Request Form

THANK YOU for helping us deliver smiles!

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Each wish card contains two wishes (one general gift and one educational gift).To fill the wish card, you will fulfill both requests.

The card will include the child’s age and gender to help you in your search for the perfect gifts. (Keep in mind a paint set for a 5 year old will be different from a paint set for a 12 year old.)

If the gift requested requires batteries we ask that you provide these along with the gifts and wish card when you drop them off. The maximum amount spent on any wish card should be no more than $50, which breaks down to roughly $25 per gift (although many of the requested gifts can be purchased for a lot less).

The completed wish cards are due back to us no later than Tuesday, December 10 to ensure they arrive at our Toy Workshop prior to our Wrap Party. There are many convenient donation box locations throughout lower Fairfield County (please click here for a full list).

To process your request, please fill out the form below!

** We will be sending out wish cards as soon as they’re available in mid-November**

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I understand that by checking "agree" and submitting this form, I agree to fulfill the wish card request(s) to the best of my ability and return the gifts to Inspirica, Inc. unwrapped, in a clear plastic bag, with the wish card inside no later than Tuesday, December 10, 2019. I agree that should a circumstance arise where I am unable to fulfill the wish card request(s) either fully or on time, I will contact the Holiday Gift Collection program as soon as possible so they may be able to make alternative arrangements to fill the request.