Providing services is one thing.  Achieving results is another.

At Inspirica, we are intensely focused on outcomes that matter. We track results meticulously, allowing us to better manage our programs and achieve our mission.

Some people think of us as a social services organization.  

Some think of us as a business.  

We think of ourselves as both. 


The first step to ending homelessness is finding our clients a job and a home. Over the past trailing twelve months (as of June 2019), we made:

  • 188 job placements, bringing our total over the past nine years to 1,665 job placements. (Our average starting salary was $12.58/hour -- 25% above minimum wage with our clients working an average of 30.7 hours.)

  • 165 housing placements (individuals), bringing our total over the past nine years to 1,477 men, women and children moved into permanent housing where they are living safe, stable and dignified lives.


Nearly 83% of clients we place in permanent housing remain housed (and paying rent) at least 12 months later.


Children’s Services

Breaking the cycle of homelessness means being the final stop on a person's journey through homelessness -- a journey that far too often is intergenerational.  

In addition to the job and housing results achieved for our adult clients, we ensure that the children in our care perform well relative to their peers who are not homeless to ensure that a child who experiences homelessness does not again experience homelessness as an adult.

Below is a snapshot of the children in our care: