Wish Card Central

Your interest in helping to make spirits bright this holiday season has brought you to Wish Card Central, your one stop shop to all things wish card!

Please read the information below carefully to make sure your wishes arrive on time and on point to the child in need!

What does filling a wish card entail?

Each wish card contains two wishes (one general and one educational).

To fill the wish card, you will fulfill both requests.


The card will include the child’s age and gender to help you in your search for the perfect gifts. (Keep in mind a paint set for a 5 year old will be different from a paint set for a 12 year old, for example.)

If the gift requested requires batteries we ask that you provide these along with the gifts and wish card when you drop them off. The maximum amount spent on any wish card should be no more than $50, which breaks down to roughly $25 per gift (although many of our requested items can be purchased for a lot less).

The completed wish cards are due back to us no later than December 5th to ensure they arrive at our Toy Workshop prior to our Wrap Party. There are many convenient donation box locations throughout lower Fairfield County.  


OK, so I think I’m ready to request a wish card. . . How do I put in my request?

We will be sending out the wish cards beginning on the first week of November.

To Reserve Wish Cards, please click the "Request Wish Card(s) Here" button below!

Please only request the number of wish cards you are sure you will be able to fill.

(Remember: 1 wish card = 2 gifts, 2 wish cards = 4 gifts, etc.)

Unfilled Wish Cards = No Gifts for that child.

You can always request more wish cards at any time!

Requests will be accepted as long as there are wishes to fill.

Don’t wait until the final moment to help us make the holiday spirits brighter for children in need!

I have purchased the requested gifts, now what?

1. Once you have purchased both gifts requested on your wish card you will place them unwrapped into a clear plastic bag with the original wish card included.

If the wish card is not included we will have no way to tell which child the gifts are intended for, it is essential that the wish card be placed in the bag!

2. After the two gifts and wish card have been securely placed in the bag, stop by one of our many convenient Donation Box Locations.

Keep an eye out for the large yellow box, clearly marked for the Inspirica Holiday Gift Collection.


Once you have placed your gifts in that box, it will ensure a safe delivery back to our Toy Workshop.


I still have questions, what should I do?

Please check our FAQ’s page to see if we can answer your questions online.

If you still have questions, please feel free to send us an e-mail at:

We will respond as quickly as we can!